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I want CLX to handle all of our collections when I retire.

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I would never use another collection agency.

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I always turn to CLX Systems for my collections!

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We offer the highest recovery rate in the collection industry, at the lowest commission cost to our client. How would YOU like to bring in more on your accounts receivable?

How Do We Do It?

The answer is easy. We cover every aspect of the collection process. We bring in more money by having a staff of highly experienced professional collection specialists. Over 100 years combined experience puts a proven A/R pro on every account. We also keep up to date on all the latest technology. If your current collection agency doesn’t, they are costing you money! We have state of the art computer locating programs, that search by address, phone number, social security number, street address, to track down debtors. We utilize several of the top search engines on the internet. Distance is never an issue; we offer world-wide debtor pursuit to get your money back. We have an effective legal department, with streamlined procedures for filing legal claims and executing judgments. We don’t just talk legal action; so if you want legal action, WE TAKE IT! We also provide month to date reports to keep you updated on our progress, and four star customer service.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident of our services, we Guarantee that we will beat recovery rate of you current collection agency, if you use one, or we will refund you the difference. Since we bring in more money, we offer you lower rate. For us, client success is much more than a business…we are a part of your total team. With CLX Systems/Westwood Management Inc. on your team, your hassles and lost time will go away. You will avoid confrontation while saving a potential customer. CONTACT US AT 1-763-478-9119 OR TOLL FREE 1-888-350-4259

Minnesota Debt Collection Agency

Are you unhappy with the results of your current collection agency? Or, is your current agency charging you too much? Simply transfer the accounts to CLX Systems/Westwood Management Inc. and we will collect the account at our everyday low rates, and as always, there are no up front fees! Contact our Minnesota Debt Collection Agents today 763.478.9119 or 888.350.4259

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